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High Quality Wood Floors – Kahrs Hardwood

Kahrs hardwood flooring is designed to be pleasing to the eye, sustainable, and non-toxic. It is offered in a wide assortment of styles, stains, species, and surfaces which lets you choose the floor that is perfect for you. To order your Kahrs Hardwood flooring call Warehouse Carpets, 800-526-2229, and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives. Kahrs has been one of the top producers of hardwood flooring. With Kahrs engineers who continue to refresh their designs, you can constantly depend on the best variety and styles from them. All Kahrs flooring performs well in any environment with their floating floors that diminish the impacts of humidity. The key to their success is their profound passion for making beautiful floors, reflected in top-level craftsmanship and a constant focus on quality.



  1. A Long Tradition – Kährs was founded as a family business more than 160 years ago in a sustainable way. A major part of the raw material they use to produce their wood floors grows next door to the main production plant in Sweden; an area rich in oak and where more trees are planted than harvested.
  2. Most Innovative – In 1941, Kährs was granted a patent for a multi-layer wood flooring construction – the world’s first engineered wood floor. All their surface treatments are naturally free from solvents, formaldehyde and isocyanate.
  3. Endless Design Options – Each Kährs plank is unique and individually treated, according to its own unique composition of knots and graining.
  4. Beauty With a Conscience – Kährs multi-layer construction means that the wood raw material is utilized as efficiently as possible. All our wood waste, such as bark, saw dust and wood chips goes to a local energy company.
  5. Satisfaction Guaranteed – Combined with a complete care and maintenance program, Kährs offers a lifetime structural guarantee and up to a 25 year wear through warranty.
  6. Complete System – Kährs offers a complete flooring system where every detail – from skirting to the wide range of installation and maintenance products – has been designed to enhance the beauty and strength of the floor.




The Kährs Life collection bridges the gap between high quality wood flooring and functional vinyl flooring. With a real wood veneer, stable HDF core, and a commercial finish, these floors are beautiful, 1/4″ thick, functional, and made for everyday life. Shop Kahrs Life Collection now


kahrs life collection coconut cream wide plank room scene

Kahrs Life Collection Coconut Cream Wide Plank


With world renowned quality and flexibility, Kährs Avanti presents our most popular wood species and gradings paired with popular colors and styles. Avanti consist of 3 collections each sharing a plank thickness of 1/2″.

  1. Tres Collection
  2. Ground Collection
  3. Canvas Collection


Kahrs Avanti Canvas Collection Oak Etch Room Scene

Kahrs Avanti Canvas Collection Oak Etch



The Kährs Original range has grown into our largest and most popular line of wood floors. Available in a wide variety of wood species and finishes with a thickness of 5/8″ – and inspired by our Scandinavian roots – every floor is a true classic. Kahrs Original consist of 13 different collections including:

  1. Founders Collection
  2. Classic Nouveau Collection
  3. Beyond Retro Collection
  4. Texture Collection
  5. Lux Collection  *Special Order
  6. Capitol Collection *Special Order
  7. Harmony Collection
  8. Sand Collection
  9. European Renaissance Collection
  10. American Naturals Collection
  11. European Naturals Collection
  12. Scandinavian Naturals Collection
  13. World Collection 


kahrs original founders collection oak sture room scene

Kahrs Original Founder Collection Oak Sture

kahrs original lux collection oak biscotti room scene

Kahrs Original Lux Collection Oak Biscotti


Using time-honored skills, Kährs combines unrivaled hand-made craftsmanship, outstanding design, and the latest production and surface techniques to create floors of distinction. Floors in this collection come to life in an array of designs and finishes, all united by striking, exclusive look sand absolute attention to detail. Kahrs Supreme contains one collection:

  1. Smaland Collection

kahrs supreme smaland collection oak tveta room scene

Kahrs Supreme Smaland Collection Oak Tveta 


Kahrs offers the complete flooring system that includes moldings & transition pieces along with maintenance products.


Kahrs Hardwood Flooring Customer Reviews

My installer gave it an 11!!! Us too!!!
This flooring is just wonderful! It is beautiful and our installer said out of his 20 years he never worked with such a product as this. He said it looks amazing and is so easy to install. He said the design of the way it goes together is genius! Seamless look! I am SO sensitive to chemicals and this has had NO effect on me whatsoever! Thank you for this wonderful, affordable product.
October 3, 2023

The surface was defective… Not out problem

15 years ago I bought and personally installed a Kahrs floor. We were happy with them at the time. So when it came time to install a new floor is a different house, we went with what we knew.

The floor looks good, but we are disappointed in the handling of a bad plank that we have discovered after install. Kahrs basically says ‘$hit happens… We have a 5% error rate, and the installer should have caught it.’

They have really degraded over the years … Disappointed that in a industry where you really do not get much repeat business; that they did not do anything to solve their faulty product.

2 years ago

@Tracy, so far I’m still happy with my Oak Reiter which is from Kahrs Canvas Collection. According to my installer quality differs from collection to collection and while he highly recommended any flooring from “Canvas”, he told me that he wouldn’t recommend or work with certain other collections from Kahrs due to constant issues with them. I haven’t had any problems with Oak Reiter. I had it installed in September of 2019. I used floating method.


DO NOT BUY!! Shocking customer service and fobbed me off

I bought a Kahrs floor via Flooring Direct and was told it was a finished product. I was not told by anyone that it needed lacquer or any finishing treatment. Less than a year in, excessive wear started to show on some planks. I had not damaged these planks by dragging anything across them. The supplier (Flooring Direct) said it should have been lacquered. I was told this. Khars reviewed the case (via on online form) and concluded that the damage was caused by me so I was not offered anything compensation/no accountability for their poorly finished product. My professional floor fitter said it was a faulty product that was not fit for purpose. Shocking attitude and customer service. Please do not buy from Kahrs.

16 years ago

I have had a Kahrs wood floor down for about 10 years. It has seen plenty of abuse what with 4 little dogs running in and out. And they sometimes lift their leg.

It has a few scratches and dents but still looks very good. Mine has lots of little knots in it and looks like a pine floor bt it’s not.

I’m not sorry I installed it.



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