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Carpet Tile at Affordable Prices

Warehouse Carpets offers all the top brands of carpet tile at affordable prices. Our staff will be more than glad to help you choose the best style suited for your business. Click here to get a free quote or call 800-526-2229 to talk with a member of our staff. We’ll help you select a discounted carpet tile for your home or business.

Carpet Tile or Modular Tile is popular in airports, schools, and other heavy traffic areas. It is also becoming a popular choice for consumers due to its easy installation. Businesses’ install this type of flooring because it is interchangeable. Meaning, tile can be switched from a not so busy area to a high traffic area. Meanwhile, the appearance level of the facility is easier to maintain. New tiles can replace stained or harmed tiles. The constant flow of carpet tiles keeps up a higher appearance level over a longer period.  It is a good idea to buy extra carpet tiles to replace damaged tiles in the future.

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 Carpet Tile Brands

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EF Contract
Orion Carpet Tile by Engineered Floors
Engineered Floors
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kraus carpet modular tile searchlight in soapstone
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Mohawk Group
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Shaw Contract
Neapolitan rm scene
stanton flatiron tile rs
Stanton Street Commercial Carpet Tile
contour carpet tile
Warehouse Carpets

Carpet Tile FAQ

1. What are carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles, also known as modular carpet or carpet squares, are small carpet shapes that can be laid in many versatile ways. They are a great alternative to the more common wall to wall or broadloom carpet. They are manufactured in various shapes like planks, triangles, hexagons, sine waves and more. Carpet squares are made in numerous styles, sizes, and colors.

2. Where are carpet tiles used?

Carpet Tiles can be installed anywhere! Carpet tiles used to be only installed in commercial spaces and high traffic areas. But today they are being found in more and more residential homes.

 3. Are there any benefits in using carpet tiles over broadloom carpet?

A. They can be easier to install, great for DIYers.
B. Custom looks are easier to achieve due to the various shapes, sizes, and colors.
C. Can be easily removed & replaced when those dreaded accidents happen.
D. Can be considerably less waste than wall to wall carpet due to less cutting.

4. Are there any disadvantages of using carpet tiles?

A. They can come unstuck, and curl or lift on the edges.
B. They can have more of an office or undomesticated look and feel to it.
C. Can be more costly, than other types of flooring.

5. How do carpet tiles keep from sliding around?

This depends on the type of carpet tile you have. It will either adhere to the subfloor with a peel-and-stick adhesive, a roll-on adhesive, or a click together. All methods require a clean, dry, hard subfloor.

6. Is carpet tile made from the same fibers as the regular wall to wall carpet?

Yes, carpet tile can be either manufactured with nylon, polyester, olefin, solution-dye or wool fibers.

*Please be aware that the images on our site may vary in color from the actual flooring. Our Suggestion is you request a physical sample from your sales rep before ordering.*

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