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Flooring FAQ

Following are some of the most frequently asked Flooring FAQ. If you do not see the answer or question you are looking for, submit your question by using our “Contact Us” form.

Q: Who is Warehouse Carpets?

A: Warehouse Carpets is located in the Carpet Capital of the world Dalton, Georgia. Our staff consists of some of the most experienced and knowledgeable floor covering professionals in the industry. We have been supplying customers with quality floor covering products from all the most trusted manufacturers in the industry since 1977. For more information on Warehouse Carpets please visit the home page.

Q: How can I be sure the product I order will be the product that gets shipped to me?

A: Check out our “customer reviews” and “Testimonials” left by our customers. This should give a good indication as to how we conduct our business. We stand behind our products and processes. Though highly unlikely, if you should receive a product different from what you ordered, we’ll cover any additional cost to get the right product to you.


Q: What if I need to contact you?

A: You can contact us by email, telephone or you can visit our store if you are in the area. Visit our website for all our contact information. As a general business practice, the salesperson you initially speak with will provide with all of their contact information.

Q: Why do you post some prices and not post others?

A: On some items, manufacturers have minimum pricing requirements that restrict the pricing we can display. This is to protect local dealers that have a limited customer base. If an item does not have a price, typically it means that we can offer you a much lower price than the manufacturer will allow us to display. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the most competitive pricing on all of the products we sell.

In addition, there are many variables that can change the price of floor covering products. The quantity of an order can impact the overall price due to multiple price levels. Shipping rates from state to state also impact our prices. Even the price of oil has a direct impact on the current price of the carpet.

For the past 18 months, we have experienced price increases about every 3 months. To get the best and lowest current pricing it is much better for you to call us and then we can get you the best shipping rates too.

Q: What should I expect after placing my order?

A: After you place your order you will be emailed an order confirmation, then your sales consultant will contact you either by phone or email with the tracking information.

– Receiving your order – you have 3 options on how you can receive your flooring

  1. you or your installer can pick it up at the nearest terminal of the delivering carrier,
  2. your installer or builder can have it delivered to their warehouse if applicable, or
  3. you can have it delivered directly to your home.

Please note *When it is delivered to your home this is a curbside delivery. Freight companies will not pull into your driveway or on to your property.  Freight carriers charge an extra fee for this service. This extra fee is for bringing their equipment into a residential neighborhood. Also, please remember that offloading is your responsibility and the driver is not required to help you. Depending on the size of the product, you will need anywhere from 2-5 people to help unload your shipment without the risk of damage.

– Inspecting your order – You should always inspect your product before and after unloading for damage. Thoroughly inspect your flooring for any damage and check that the quantity is correct. If you do find any damage go ahead and accept the shipment but make sure you note it in detail on the receiving documents that the shipment was damaged along with how it was damaged and the amount that was damaged.

Q: What if I place an order and I get the wrong item, can I return it?

A: If the mistake is ours, we will cover the expense to return and ship you the correct products. If you ordered the wrong product we will do our best to get you the right product at the lowest cost to you. Some items are non-returnable such as Laminate and hardwood trim pieces, adhesives, cleaners, and underlayment.

Likewise, if you should inadvertently order the wrong item, the flooring could be returned, but you would be responsible for the return freight and any manufacturer’s restocking fee. If we, or the manufacturer, send you the wrong item, no extra fees would apply. We would make arrangements for you to send the material back to us and reship the correct item to you. But it must be unopened and unaltered. Plus a reshipment cannot be made until the returning freight carrier has picked up the original shipment.

Q: What if have material left over, can I return it?

A: It is normally advisable that you keep the extra material in case you have an accident in the future. With carpet, as long as the manufacturer’s minimum return requirements are met you can return it. Hardwood, laminate, and tile also have minimum return quantities. You should discuss this with your sales rep when placing your order. You would be responsible for returned freight and we cannot accept opened or damaged material. We take great care when shipping to you and you would need to take the same care when returning to prevent damage in transit.

Q: Can I pick up my order at your warehouse and save shipping charges?

A: People pick up their orders at our warehouse on a daily basis. Our warehouse hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 AM till 5:00 PM Eastern time. Keep in mind that you do not have to pay shipping charges but we are obligated to charge Georgia Sales Tax on non-interstate shipments.

Q: What types of carpet do you offer?

A:  We offer all types of commercial and residential carpet. Also, know that just because it is not on our website doesn’t mean that we don’t offer it. The following are styles of carpet:

  • Patterns – Textured carpet that incorporates different designs within the carpet.
  • Textured Plush – The most common type of carpet that is known for a nice soft feeling
  • Plush – Extremely soft carpeting that tends to be very thick and is very comfortable
  • Berber – Loop style carpet and normally low to the floor
  • Frieze – A shag type carpet made of twisted fiber to give a “spring” like feeling

Q: What are the benefits of carpet?

A:  Carpet has numerous benefits that you will enjoy including: 

  • Warmth and Comfort
  • Style
  • Softens Falls
  • Reduces Noise
  • Wears Well
  • Reduces Allergies

Q: What does High Shade Variation mean?

A:  High Shade Variation means that the product was made intentionally with both dark and light tints. In other words, it is not supposed to look unified. The image below is a good example.

Image result for pantheon shaw

Q:  What are some of the mistakes DIY flooring installers make?

A:  Here is a great article on, “the Biggest DIY Flooring Mistakes Homeowners make.” It gives some important pointers that you need to think about before you decide to install flooring yourself.


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