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Buy Indoor/Outdoor Carpet at Wholesale Prices

Today’s growing trend is having all the comforts of the indoors, outdoors. Indoor/Outdoor carpet is a perfect accent piece to extend comfortable living to decks, patios, and porches. Outdoor carpet and rugs define space and add color, they even keep dirt and grime from being tracked inside by feet or paws.

Indoor/Outdoor Carpet: 4 Things You Need to Know

  • These carpets are almost always made of synthetic polymers such as olefins and other plastics.
  • This carpet is available in textures such as; grass turfs, cut pile velour, plush, and even loop styles!
  • The advantages of outdoor carpet are the affordable prices, it is made to sustain weather, and available in just about any color, texture, or style.
  • The disadvantage is it is not as comfortable or soft as residential indoor carpet and some of the lower quality products tend not to be as full or look as good.

*We offer free samples and free quotes, along with nationwide shipping.*

For an outdoor carpet buying guide visit The Home Flooring Pros. They offer in-depth information on choosing an outdoor carpet cheap.

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Warehouse Carpets Outdoor Carpet
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*Please be aware that the images on our site may vary slightly in color from the actual flooring.
We suggest you request a physical sample from your sales rep before ordering.*

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