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Carpet Padding, Cushion, and Underlayment

Padding, Cushion, and Underlayment

Today’s carpet, hardwood, laminate, or any type of flooring requires special padding, cushion, or underlayment. Carpet padding should be soft enough for comfort, yet sturdy enough to support the traffic that crosses it each day. The correct carpet padding enhances the appearance and long-term quality of your carpet.

Importance of Carpet Padding and Underlayment

The cushion is essentially the foundation of the flooring and the secret for the durability of your carpet. The cushion has a great comfortable feel underfoot, it reduces noise and improves acoustics. Underlayment is the cushion between the subfloor and the flooring. From moisture control to shock absorption, underlayment can improve your flooring experience. For more information, you can read what the Carpet Professor says about carpet padding. If you do not follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, you could be in danger of voiding your flooring warranty.  Let our sales representatives help you make the right choices.

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