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Is Wool Carpet Worth the Cost?


Is Wool Carpet Worth the Cost?

Is wool carpet really worth all the extra money it costs? That is a hard question to answer because there is no right or wrong answer. It depends on your personal situation and your space. So I’m going to give you four different scenarios to see how I answer the question. Hopefully, your situation is similar to one of the following scenarios.

Scenario #1
You are having a brand new 2300-square-foot house built in the city where you work. You plan to live in the house for 5 to 10 years, then put it on the market so you can buy a larger home for your growing family in a rural area.

My answer to you would be no, don’t spend the extra money, it’s not worth it because it will not affect your net proceeds.

Scenario #2
You have been eyeing this house for some time, and finally, your dream home comes up for sale. It is the perfect size for your family of four teenage girls, and your asthmatic partner loves it, but the older home’s interior needs a total update. You decide to purchase it! Now you and your partner are making plans for the update and can’t decide whether to have hardwood or wool carpet installed.

In this scenario, I would suggest they have hardwood installed throughout the home and have custom wool area rugs made for those areas where they want something warm and soft underfoot.

Scenario #3
You recently got married and are looking to buy your first home. You all decide to purchase a fixer-upper since “the big news,” a new addition to the family, is expected, and your budget is limited. Your partner says the carpet has to be replaced and something has to be done with the wallpaper before moving in.

My answer would be that since you are already on a budget, right now wool carpet would not be a good choice for you, and maybe suggest a nice nylon carpet.

Scenario #4
You come in looking for the most eco-friendly natural carpet we offer that is also resilient, durable, and easy to care for. You say that is what you want, no matter what the cost.

My answer would be absolutely a luxury wool carpet is worth every penny.



So, is wool carpet worth the price? And is it a good choice for you? The answer depends on your personal preferences and budget. If money is not a contributing factor and you want a carpet that you will not have to replace in 10 years, then wool might be the perfect fit for you. But, if that’s not the case and you are looking for something that is budget-friendly and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance time, then I would go with a synthetic carpet.

If you still can’t decide if wool carpet is worth the price, maybe a list of the pros and cons will help you.

Resistant to dirtColor Fade in direct sun
HypoallergenicHighly absorbent
Environmentally friendlySensitive to certain cleaning products
Flame retardantNeeds to be treated with a insecticide

Whatever your situation may be, Warehouse Carpets can help you decide what the best flooring option is for your space. We offer all the top manufacturers’ products at wholesale prices! Call 800-526-2229 or 706-517-2229 and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for a free quote and free samples.

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