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Tips & Tricks To Help You Pick The Right Area Rug




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Décor for the floor, area rugs, can be a great statement piece; it can totally transform your space while adding personality and warmth to your room. Finding the right area rug can make all the difference when trying to change the look of your room. Warehouse Carpets offers area rugs in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors so you can easily find the rug you want.  So you want to buy an area rug for your living room, but you don’t know what size, color, or style to get, right? To begin, start by asking yourself the following 4 questions:


  1. What style of rug do I want and what type of atmosphere am I trying to create?
  2. What is the function of the room where I am adding the rug?
  3. What kind of design do I want my rug to have?
  4. What size of rug do I need?

Then, refer to the following tips & tricks to help you with your decision process along the way.



  • Just a few examples of the different styles of rugs are contemporary, vintage, modern, traditional, bohemian, shag, and Moroccan
  • bohemian area rugThere are SO many choices when it comes to the style of an area rug because a style is based solely on one’s own personal preference.
  • Style along with color can help create the atmosphere you want.
  • The effect of warm colors like red, yellow, gold and orange creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. While cool colors, like blue and green, produce a calming feeling.



  • Keep in mind if the rug will be placed where there is a lot of foot traffic or will it be added to a room that hardly has any foot traffic?
  • The function of your room is important to know because it will help you choose the right type of material your rug should be made from. (Ex. if you have small children and a house pet you will need something that is durable and that doesn’t show stains, for example, something like Feathers style by Design Materials in the color # 5630 would be ideal for you. 



  • There are many different materials your rug can be made from, but the more common ones are wool, synthetics, jute, sisal, and seagrass.

Rug Material Comparison (Scale from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best)

 Easiness to CleanDurabilitySoftnessAffordability
Wool       3        5       5             3
Synthetics       5        4       4             5
Jute & Sisal       2        5       2             3
Seagrass       2        5       2             3



  • The design of an area rug includes the material it is made of, the color, the shape and if it is a solid or a patterned rug.
  • When shopping for a rug keep in mind the color of your existing furniture and décor
  • If your existing furniture has a pattern, then a solid color rug will have a calming effect on your room and vise versa.



  • Custom size area rugs are made to fit your specific space, a rug measuring something other than the standard sizes
  • Standard Rug Sizes are 4’x6′, 5’x7’x 6’x9′, 8’x10′, 9’x12′, and 10’x14′
  • Large Living Room – if you have a living room where your furniture is in the middle of the room, the size of the rug needs to be large enough so all the furniture fits on it and be around 24″ away from the walls.
  • Medium Living Room – if your living room is an average size where your furniture has to be up against the wall your rug needs to at least go under the front two legs of all your furniture.
  • Small Living Room – if you have a small living room it is best to place a rug in the middle of your seating area with no furniture sitting on it or if you have a coffee table in the middle of your seating area place the rug just under your table.
  • Kitchens – a popular choice for any size kitchen is to use individual rugs or runners with slip-resistant backing in front of the sink and stove.
  • Dining Room – the rule of thumb for adding a rug under your dining room table is that the rug should come out past at least 2’ and up to 3’ beyond the edges of your table. (Ex. Your table measures 6’ long x 4’ wide, so your rug should measure 8’ long x 6’ wide at the least)
  • Hallway/Foyer – if the entryway to the hall has a door remember to open the door & then measure from there, leaving clearance for the door. Width wise designers say you should leave at least 3” and up to 6” of floor showing on all sides
  • Bedrooms – for queen or king size beds a runner on both sides of the bed works well, but if you don’t like runners you have two options for positioning a rug underneath the bed 1. bed and nightstands go entirely on the rug, or 2. the lower two-thirds of the bed should sit on the rug, leaving the top of the bed and the nightstands on bare floor. Either option, the rug needs to extend at least 2 feet out from the sides.



  • If you have the choice start with the rug first, drawing the wall colors & deco style from the rug. Let it be the inspiration piece. If you already have an existing room then the color is all about personal taste, but keep in mind your lifestyle and how time is spent in that room.
  • If you are putting your area rug over hardwood keep the color of your wood flooring in mind.
  • If you are choosing a rug with a pattern, it should contrast with your flooring.
  • Light colors help to make small spaces appear larger.
  • Darker colors cover stains better.
  • If you already have a lot of color and pattern going on in your space, you might want to stick with a single-color rug, either a neutral or a shade which complements your existing furnishings.
Area Rug man vacuumming



  • Keep your rug rotated (quarter turn every 3 months)
  • Vacuum with care regularly (Dyson vacuums are not recommended)
  • Spot clean stain immediately following manufactures instructions
  • Use a rug pad for extra padding and preventing slips
  • Deep cleaning area rugs at least once a year is a good way to keep them in the best shape possible be sure to refer to the care label 
  • Use carpet protectors under furniture legs.
  • Reduce periods of direct sunlight.


  • Whatever rug you choose make sure it either ties your room together or does the total opposite, makes a statement
  • but most of all make sure you are happy with it and are able to look at it every day for the next few years.

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