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Different Ways to Install Carpet Tile

One of the principal advantages of carpet tile is the flexibility they offer. Not only are carpet tiles offered in a much wider range of patterns, colors, and designs compared to wall to wall carpeting; they can be installed in a range of different patterns and layouts, to change it up a little to even a subtle choice of carpet tile.

The installation choices for square carpet tiles are genuinely limited, however, they do offer the chance to create designs and patterns that can’t be accomplished with broadloom carpet. Basically, you can either turn tiles or offset them to make designs.

  • The Monolithic Carpet Tile Installation Method is the simplest carpet tile installation pattern. All of your carpet tile squares are installed in the same orientation, in neat rows and columns.
monolithicmonolithic example

  • The Brick Carpet Tile Installation Method is produced by off-setting the rows of the carpet tile squares by half a tile’s width, creating a brick-like pattern.
brickbrick pattern example

  • The Ashlar Carpet Tile Installation Method is similar to the brick layout, but rather than off-setting each row by half a tile’s width, it’s each column that’s offset by half a tile, creating a vertical brick-like pattern.
ashlarashlar example

  • In the Quarter-Turn Carpet Tile Installation Method, the carpet tiles are installed in neat rows and columns, but each tile is rotated 90-degrees compared with the tile before it. This is a popular installation choice for plain colored tiles, as it adds a subtle – but still noticeable – pattern.
quarter turnquarter turn example

  • The Random Carpet Tile Installation Method is laying the carpet tile squares with no consideration for orientation or direction of tile patterns. If your tiles have an abstract, organic pattern this can work well but is less suited to tiles with a more rigid, geometric design.
randomrandom pattern example

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