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Heathers Area Rug Collection by J Mish


Warehouse Carpets offers Heathers Area Rug Collection by J Mish for Wholesale Prices

J Mish Mills is excited to offer our Heathers Collection of tufted carpets and rugs in 100% New Zealand wool, inspired by the rich, variegated tonalities of natural materials. The Heathers Area Rug Collection by J Mish has eight subtle colorations, including warm taupes and greys, a soft charcoal, earthy beiges and a rich clean ivory. Carpet constructions include Nature’s Velvet, a thick cut pile; Washington Square, a woven-look, geometric grid loop pile; Hundred Court, a versatile textured loop; and Bristol Park, a chunky vertical rib carpet.

heathers collection

Heathers Area Rug Collection by J Mish Specifications

  • Manufacturer: J Mish
  • Collection: Heathers
  • Manufacturing Type : Tufted
  • Fiber Content: 100% Wool
  • Total Wt./Sq. Yd.: N/A
  • Pattern Repeat: N/A
  • Width:  12


Heathers Area Rug Collection by J Mish Colors

Bristol-Park_Northwoods-768x768Bristol Park  Northwoods
Bristol-Park_Greystone-768x768Bristol Park Greystone
Bristol-Park_La-Paloma-768x768Bristol Park La Paloma
Bristol-Park_Stoneybrook-768x768Bristol Park Stoneybrook
Bristol-Park_Pepper-768x768Bristol Park Pepper
Bristol-Park_Fresh-Canvas-768x768Bristol Park Fresh Canvas
Bristol-Park_Heirloom-768x768Bristol Park Heirloom
Bristol-Park_JM-Beige-768x768Bristol Park JM Beige
Hundred-Court_JM-Beige-768x768Hundred Count JM Beige
Hundred-Court_Northwoods-768x768Hundred Count Northwoods
Hundred-Court_Greystone-768x768Hundred Count Greystone
Hundred-Court_Fresh-Canvas-768x768Hundred Count Fresh Canvas
Hundred-Court_La-Paloma-768x768Hundred Count La Paloma
Hundred-Court_Stoneybrook-768x768Hundred Count Stoneybrook
Hundred-Court_Pepper-768x768Hundred Count Pepper
Hundred-Court_Heirloom-768x768Hundred Count Heirloom
Natures-Velvet_Fresh-Canvas-1-768x768Natures Velvet Fresh Canvas
Natures-Velvet_Northwoods-768x768Natures Velvet Northwoods
Natures-Velvet_Greystone-768x768Natures Velvet Greystone
Natures-Velvet_La-Paloma-768x768Natures Velvet La Paloma
Natures-Velvet_Stoneybrook-768x768Natures Velvet Stoneybrook
Natures-Velvet_Pepper-768x768Natures Velvet Pepper
Natures-Velvet_Heirloom-768x768Natures Velvet Heirloom
Natures-Velvet_JM-Beige-768x768Natures Velvet JM Beige
WashingtonSquare_Fresh-Canvas-768x768Washington Square Fresh Canvas
WashingtonSquare_JM-Beige-768x768Washington Square JM Beige
WashingtonSquare_Northwoods-768x768Washington Square Northwoods
WashingtonSquare_Greystone-768x768Washington Square Greystone
WashingtonSquare_La-Paloma-768x768Washington Square La Paloma
WashingtonSquare_Stoneybrook-768x768Washington Square Stoneybrook
WashingtonSquare_Pepper-768x768Washington Square Pepper
WashingtonSquare_Heirloom-768x768Washington Square Heirloom

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