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2023 Flooring Trends


By keeping up with trends you will have a wider variety of things to work with- therefore, you will be able to experiment with more things and use them to generate new ideas. So, whether you’re building your dream home, renovating your current home or flipping a rental, the new flooring trends could be a very important part of that experience. To help you along the way, we’ve made a list of some of 2023 flooring trends. We hope your new floor will add value and excitement to your home.



First off we have hardwood. Hardwood is always on trend because it has a timeless appeal and durability that allows it to work well in nearly any setting. That said, there are always a few standout types and colors that are more of the moment and in style than others. The gray hardwood floors are one of the others this year. It is going out of style and customers are leaning more toward traditional colors.

This year’s standout hardwood colors are neutral or a light-natural color. Neutral wood floors are beautiful because they make a room feel more open and create a relaxed and rustic atmosphere in a home. The good thing about a light-colored floor is that, while they may be the it-flooring color this year, they won’t feel outdated in a few years when the trend changes. This color of flooring has been around for ages and is now considered a fairly standard choice. The above image is Shaw’s Expressions Engineered Hardwood that is a great example of the light color, wide plank.

While traditional floor layouts are still popular, there are new, innovative layouts that are becoming a popular flooring trend. Layout designs such as herringbone and chevron are two examples of flooring designs that make a big impression on your home’s interior design. The image below of Shaw’s Empire Oak Herringbone Engineered Hardwood shows a herringbone layout.



Luxury Vinyl

We are seeing customers wanting the same looks and features in luxury vinyl that we are in hardwood, the wide, light-colored, rustic planks. Luxury Vinyl is a popular choice for many homeowners because it is much more affordable, water resistant and suitable for high-traffic homes. There’s no doubt that luxury vinyl will remain one of the top flooring trends in the future as it just keeps improving every year.


Carpet is another timeless trend that will always be on top because of the warmth and comfort underfoot. For the last 5 to 7 years the solid, plain, brown carpet has been the hot item, but finally, it is changing. 2023’s carpet trend will be more of a luxurious carpet.

Dk Red Dk Blue Yellow Orange White Area RugBold colors are on the rise but are not necessarily the best choice for wall-to-wall carpeting. Bold-colored area rugs are the big thing in 2023. In terms of area rug trends, punchy geometric, abstract designs, and intriguing shapes show no sign of going away and we’re seeing borders and edging growth in popularity as a way to bring a decorative touch. The bold colored area rug in the shown in the picture is from the Holi Collection.

The trend for wall-to-wall carpets in 2023 is a darker neutral color carpet, but with a pronounced pattern that can add a modern and contemporary feel to your home. Customers are also looking for carpet that has both a neutral and a bold color combined, for example, a stripe with a bold blue and a neutral cream.

Natural materials like wool, jute, sisal, and sea grass for carpets are in. Not only do they  bring a modern, organic, bohemian feel to the room, but they’re also more sustainable than synthetic materials.

Stair runners have captured the hearts of homeowners with all of the options now available. Some of the more popular options include natural fiber runners (jute, sisal), runners with geometric designs (stripes, polka dots, checkered patterns), and multi-colored runners (floral, animal prints, abstract). The picture below shows a beautiful custom animal print stair runner.



It might be tempting to be influenced by popular trends, but these can come and go. When purchasing flooring for your house, it’s crucial to consider longevity and choose something you truly adore, not just settle, especially if it’s for your forever home. The flooring you select will be heavily influenced by the room it is meant for. There’s a perfect flooring option for everyone and our knowledgeable sales representatives are here to help you find it. Contact Warehouse Carpets, 800-526-2229, with any questions you have or to purchase that flooring you love!


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