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Carpet Runners

Any carpet that we offer can be made into a custom carpet runner.

The entrance is where a home makes its first impression. The addition of a carpet runner will have the single most significant impact on your foyer’s appearance. Carpet runners are a piece of carpet that doesn’t cover the entire width of the stair. It is commonly installed over hardwood or tiled stairs. Warehouse Carpets offers runners in all colors and styles. Runners not only change appearance but they also can provide safety. Wooden or tiled stairs can be slippery, which can pose a risk, specifically, when children or elders are in the home. In addition, carpet absorbs noise a great deal more than hard surfaces do, so adding a runner will make trips up and down the stairs a lot quieter. Finally, a carpet runner provides style. A staircase runner can create a stunning focal point in your home. Call and speak with one of our sales representatives for any questions you may have about carpet runners or to request a free sample.

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Carpet Runners STAIR RUNNER BEFORE & AFTER PIC (3)Carpet RunnersCarpet Runners Montauk-HerringboneIndigo-Stair-Runnertan runner with black border
tan black white stair runnerblack white diamond runnermitred bay areastair runner on wooden & white case
runner beside stair runner

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