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Shag Carpet – 30 to 60% Below Retail Prices

Shag Carpet makes a beautiful floor!  Buy Shag Carpet from Warehouse Carpets
and pay 30 to 60% below retail prices!

We have listed only some of the popular shag carpet styles. If you have found a product that you like locally, we will be happy to give you a free quote on that product. Custom Shag Rugs are also available in any style.

Stantons Shaggy Pop

stanton shaggy pop silversmith
stanton shaggy pop planet
stanton shaggy pop dove
stanton shaggy pop mineral


Stantons Amore Amor2 Shags

nourison amore amor2 Ivory Blue
nourison amore amor2 cream
nourison amore amor2 aqua
nourison amore amor2 charcoal


Stantons Canpana Shags

Kane Canpana_Red
Canpana_Denim Kane
kane Canpana_Rust
Canpana_Plum kane


Kane Scopare Shag

Kane Carpet Scopare_Ivory


Kane Carpets Sheer Luxury Shags

kane carpet sheer luxury eiderdown
Kane Carpet sheer luxury featherbed
kane carpet sheer luxury indulgence
kane carpet sheer luxury silk robe
Silk Robe


Kane Carpet Super Touch Shags

Kane Carpet SuperTouch_Comfort
Kane Carpet SuperTouch_Warmth
Kane CarpetSuperTouch_Security

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The vast majority think shag carpet and rugs began during the 60s, however, they have been around much longer than that. The origins of shag carpets started in Ancient Greece with Flokati rugs. Flokati rugs were designed from goat hair and featured long strands. As the style became popular, it spread to the Middle East and was regularly used to enhance imperial castles. In contrast to some ancient rugs, shag was constantly created from various materials (wool, faux fur, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, and even leather) and had one main feature; a deep pile made from long loops.

Shag rugs became popular in the 60s and 70s along with the beaded curtains, lava lamps, and bright colors. The shag rugs comfy welcoming feel made shag a mainstay as the floor and beanbag chairs became the preferred seating arrangement. But, when the 80s rolled around, decorating trends turned more conservative with florals and country-inspired styles taking front and center. Shag rugs were eventually faded out.

In recent years though, shag carpet has been making a strong come back. Today’s shag isn’t the shag of the flower-child era. Modern shag is readily available in a wide range of colors and styles.

Shags are most favored in the bedroom because of the comfortable feel. A shag rug makes for an inviting nursery, den or family room. Obviously, shags are a top pick for the bathroom because who doesn’t like a thick rug when stepping out of the shower. Another shag pro is the all the different materials allows homeowners to find their ideal shag fiber that suits their needs. Shags haven’t lost that lighthearted, welcoming appeal that made them to the front line in the 60s and 70s. It has just revamped itself to slide on to the floor paying little mind to the style.


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