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REVOTEC Hard Surface Flooring


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REVOTEC®  Hard Surface Flooring by Engineered Floors is a revolutionary patented, waterproof, floating floor technology that perfectly mimics ceramic tile or stone. REVOTEC has an embedded, realistic grout-line, and the installation is fast and easy. This innovative product offers a simple drop-lock-click installation that can go over most existing hard surface floors, eliminating the need for demolition. Installation can be completed in hours versus the days required for regular ceramic tile or stone.


axis metropolitan
Axis – Metropolitan
axis urbano
Axis – Urbano
ethos athena
Ethos – Athena
ethos byzantine
Ethos – Byzantine
ethos milos
Ethos – Milos
fusion ashton
Fusion – Ashton
fusion forest
Fusion – Forest
fusion fossil
Fusion – Fossil
fusion nouveau
Fusion – Nouveau
pietra agate ash
Pietra – Agate Ash
pietra alabaster
Pietra – Alabaster
pietra granite grey
Pietra – Granite Grey
pietra jasper
Pietra – Jasper
pietra quarry
Pietra – Quarry
pietra sandstone
Pietra – Sandstone
pietra shale
Pietra – Shale
pietra travertino
Pietra – Travertino

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