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Nylon or Polyester Carpet

Nylon or Polyester Carpet, Which Should I Buy?

Nylon or Polyester Carpet

Purchasing new flooring for your home is a big step. It also can be an expensive one and you don’t want to pick a flooring that is unsuitable for you and have to replace it in a few years.

If you have decided on carpet, you’re going to love all of your options!

Carpet is still the most popular flooring choice and accounts for the majority of flooring purchased. There are many types of carpet – some are better for high traffic areas and some offer unbelievable soft luxury. Choosing the right one depends on your space and your lifestyle.

The two most common carpet fibers used are nylon and polyester.

Nylon and polyester are both synthetic fibers that are used to make wall-to-wall carpets, rugs, and carpet tiles. There are benefits to both carpet fibers, but there are also some drawbacks to both.


Nylon Price vs. Polyester Price

When comparing a nylon carpet to a  polyester carpet of the same equivalent quality, the nylon will be the higher priced. Although in some cases, a well-made polyester will cost more than low-quality nylon. As with anything, you have to make sure you are comparing the same level of quality for each type.

Which is more durable, nylon or polyester?

Nylon is more durable than polyester. The secret to nylon carpet’s durability lies in its resiliency – its ability to literally “bounce back” from compaction. Polyester carpet lacks that resilience and will usually begin to show signs of wear due to foot traffic in less time than nylon. Although, with the proper care, you can extend the life of your polyester carpet. Polyester’s lack of resiliency is one of the main reasons why polyester is a cheaper alternative to nylon. A polyester carpet has a life expectancy of 5 to 15 years depending on the amount of traffic. Nylon carpet is one of the most resilient products on the market, but if subjected to high traffic it can have a short lifespan. Carpet with mid to high-quality nylon can last between 12 to 15 years if in a low traffic area.


Which has better stain resistance, nylon or polyester?

There can be a big difference in stain resistance when it comes to both nylon and polyester carpet. Good stain protection can make a big difference in your carpet’s appearance a few years down the road. In the past, stain protection was what made some of the branded nylon so well known, like Stainmaster, SmartStrand, and TruSoft. Today, stain protection technology is becoming widespread and much more cost-effective than it used to be, so even most generics do a very good job against spills and soil.

If you have pets, polyester mstain resistance imgay be the best option for you. Polyester is an oil-based carpet material. Oil-based carpets do an excellent job at repelling spills, but they attract oils. These oils usually either come from the bottom of your shoes (especially if you have an asphalt driveway) or from your skin.

By comparison, nylon is not naturally resistant to liquids or soiling like polyester. Just like with polyester carpeting treatments can make a considerable difference in how easy stains are to clean or remove. If you shop name brand carpet you should not have any stain-resistant issues with either nylon or polyester carpet.


Does a nylon or polyester carpet look better?

For the most part, the type of carpet fiber you choose will not affect the appearance, but with saying that Polyester is easier to dye, giving you a broader, bolder color range compared to Nylons that also come in a wide range of colors.


Which is softer, polyester or nylon?

If softness is key, go with polyester. But as technology advances the gap is closing. Traditionally, nylon is a rougher material than polyester. But today’s nylons can be manufactured in thin fibers that make them silk-soft. While on the subject of the feel of carpet, it is important to know that carpet, especially nylon, can build up static electricity, and believe it or not, there are people who don’t like static shocks, shocking right?!


So, should I purchase Nylon or Polyester Carpet?

That is a personal question because it all depends on what your needs, environment, and budget are. Either nylon or polyester carpet will make a great addition to your home.

Nylon Carpet Pros & Cons

  • Pros
  • It’s perfectly suited for high traffic areas
  • It has high stain-resistant qualities
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It’s pet friendly
  • It’s easy to maintain
  • It fights mildew and mold
  • It fights allergic reactions
  • Cons
  • It’s the most expensive synthetic carpet on the market
  • It will produce static electricity
  • It’s not as soft as other carpets
Polyester Carpet Pros & Cons
  • Pros
  • It’s one of the most economical fibers on the market
  • It has low static electricity
  • It’s considered more eco-friendly than other options
  • It has a soft, luxurious texture
  • It absorbs less water
  • It’s resistant to biological growth
  • It’s pet friendly


  • Cons
  • It’s not as stain-resistant to oily spills
  • It’s sensitive to direct sunlight and will fade over time





Nylon and polyester are excellent options for homeowners as long as you keep your needs in mind. Both add comfort and warmth to your home, but nylon will last longer even if it isn’t quite as cushiony or stain-resistant as polyester. If you’re still on the fence about these fibers or want to look into other alternatives, come in or call 800-526-2229 and we can talk to you about what will suit your needs best.

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