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Mohawk Groups Carpet Tile Installation Guide

Mohawk Groups Carpet Tile Installation Guide

Follow this 7-page guideline from The Mohawk Group for a smooth installation process.

The Mohawk Group Installation Guidelines for Carpet Tiles

Mohawk Groups Carpet Tile Installation Guide mohawk group installation guide img


 Better. It’s a claim that you hear all the time.

“We’re better than our competitors.”
“Our people are better.”
“Our products are better.”
“Our execution is better.”

Any company can say this.

What does it take for you—the client, the end-user, the employee—to believe that what we offer actually is better?

It takes an experience. A moment when you feel your ideas and your hard work begin to click into place. You experience the connection between where you are—wherever you are—with where you want to be.

This is what you’re always working toward. This is the feeling of better.

And this is what we’re here to help you reach.

Believe in Better. It’s our commitment to you. It’s our relationship with you—how our entire company is designed to support you at every step of your journey.

And yes, there are measurable and tangible results.

There’s the quality of design that takes your project to a different level than you may have thought possible. The innovation that solves challenges before you even knew about them. The mandate of sustainability in every product and every choice we make. The project solutions that help you determine and deliver precisely what you need. The fact that we run every aspect of our company to help you exceed expectations on every project, every time.

Better is not just what Mohawk does. It’s what you can do with our team supporting you.

Mohawk Group. Believe in Better.



We believe good design emerges from understanding your needs and your incredible capabilities. Through this understanding, we seek to inspire you and challenge perceptions of what flooring can achieve. Our designs empower you to exceed your goals and take your project further than you thought possible.



We believe that pioneering and performance are integral to our DNA. Innovation is our commitment to listening carefully to your needs and then creating an exceptional product and service that can answer your challenges. Innovation is the heart of how we provide the better experience you deserve.



We believe in meeting the world’s highest standards of sustainable design for commercial flooring. This drives our products and our business. It means supporting the ideals and goals of the most respected and ambitious sustainability organizations—because to do better, we must all work together.



We believe in helping you answer every aspect of your flooring needs. We do this by bringing expertise and thought leadership to each of your specific needs, and by offering you the right products, services and custom capabilities for precise, inspiring solutions.



We believe that excellence is the responsibility of every person in our company. It’s about passion—our intense desire always to be better at our specific craft. By virtue of this dedication, Mohawk Group gives you a consistently superior experience.


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