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COREtec Originals Flooring


We Will Floor You With Our Prices On COREtec Originals Flooring


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There’s nothing quite like the original, and that couldn’t be truer with these comfortable, stain-resistant floors. Thanks to a thicker, waterproof WPC construction these softer, warmer and quieter luxury vinyl planks are the perfect choice for any space in your home.

Shop the collection or learn more about the many benefits of COREtec Originals below, including easy installation and simple care and maintenance.

COREtec Originals (Classics) Flooring

coretec originals woodbury maple
Woodbury Maple
coretec originals artesia hickory
Artesia Hickory
coretec originals blackstone oak
Blackstone Oak
coretec originals ivory coast oak
Ivory Coast Oak
coretec originals gold coast acacia
Gold Coast Acacia
coretec originals red river hickory
Red River Hickory
coretec originals deep smoked oak
Deep Smoked Oak
coretec originals northwoods oak
Northwoods Oak
coretec originals rocky mountain oak
Rocky Mountain Oak
coretec originals carolina pine
Carolina Pine
coretec originals norwegian maple
Norwegian Maple
coretec originals dakota walnut
Dakota Walnut
coretec originals wheldon oak
Wheldon Oak
coretec originals durban pear
Durban Pear
coretec originals brockport oak
Brockport Oak
coretec originals ashton woods oak
Ashton Woods Oak
coretec originals baywood oak
Baywood Oak
coretec originals dodwell oak
Dodwell Oak
coretec originals kingswood oak
Kingswood Oak
coretec originals nantucket oak
Nantucket Oak
coretec originals alabaster oak
Alabaster Oak
coretec originals marsh oak
Marsh Oak
coretec originals fidalgo oak
Fidalgo Oak
coretec originals midway oak
Midway Oak
coretec originals salton chestnut
Salton Chestnut
coretec originals niland chestnut
Niland Chestnut
coretec originals brawley chestnut
Brawley Chestnut
coretec originals deep lake oak
Deep Lake Oak
coretec originals laguna beach oak
Laguna Beach Oak
coretec originals caspian oak
Caspian Oak
coretec originals fresno chestnut
Fresno Chestnut
coretec originals irvine chestnut
Irvine Chestnut
coretec originals venture chestnut
Venture Chestnut
coretec originals rogers hickory
Rogers Hickory
coretec originals belford oak
Belford Oak
coretec originals antique oak
Antique Oak
coretec originals johnson hickory
Johnson Hickory
coretec originals dawson maple
Dawson Maple
coretec originals mulford oak
Mulford Oak
coretec originals stockton oak
Stockton Oak
coretec originals brixton oak
Brixton Oak
coretec originals eastwell oak
Eastwell Oak
coretec originals foxbury oak
Foxbury Oak
coretec originals wellstead oak
Wellstead Oak
coretec originals hemphill oak
Hemphill Oak
coretec originals plainfield oak
Plainfield Oak

COREtec Originals (Classics) Flooring Specifications

  • Brand: COREtec
  • Collection Name: COREtec Originals (Classics)
  • Finish: UV Acrylic
  • Core: Waterproof Foamed Core
  • Edge Profile: Micro Bevel
  • Underlayment:  Attached Cork
  • Installation Grade: Above, On, Below
  • Installation Method: Floating or Direct Glue
For more style specific specifications please call one of our knowledgeable sales representatives at 706-517-2229.



COREtec Originals (Premium) Flooring

coretec originals premium sand dollar oak
Sand Dollar Oak
coretec originals premium cerith oak
Cerith Oak
coretec originals premium midnight oak
Midnight Oak
coretec originals premium vintage taupe ash
Vintage Taupe Ash
coretec originals premium conch ash
Conch Ash
coretec originals premium flaxen ash
Flaxen Ash
coretec originals premium blonde oak
Blonde Oak
coretec originals premium mist oak
Mist Oak
oretec originals premium mist oak
Mist Oak
coretec originals premium parchment oak
Parchment Oak
coretec originals premium sea salt oak
Sea Salt Oak
coretec originals premium blended caraway
Blended Caraway
coretec originals premium blended cocoon
Blended Cocoon
coretec originals premium blended sienna
Blended Sienna
coretec originals premium blended praline
Blended Praline
coretec originals premium irene walnut
Irene Walnut
coretec originals premium allegiant walnut
Allegiant Walnut
coretec originals premium tyro walnut
Tyro Walnut
coretec originals premium aver walnut
Aver Walnut
coretec originals premium zawn oak
Zawn Oak
coretec originals premium bosc oak
Bosc Oak
coretec originals premium smoked rustic pine
Smoked Rustic Pine
coretec originals premium sherwood rustic pine
Sherwood Rustic Pine
coretec originals premium barnwood rustic pine
Barnwood Rustic Pine
coretec originals premium mont blanc driftwood
Mont Blanc Driftwood
coretec originals premium cloud pine
Cloud Pine
coretec originals premium grandure oak
Grandure Oak
coretec originals premium leisure oak
Leisure Oak
coretec originals premium virtue oak
Virtue Oak
coretec originals premium opulence oak
Opulence Oak
coretec originals premium treasure pine
Treasure Pine
coretec originals premium pride oak
Pride Oak
oretec originals premium coretta oak
Coretta Oak
coretec originals premium ezra oak
Ezra Oak
coretec originals premium cyril oak
Cyril Oak
coretec originals premium vanilla pine
Vanilla Pine
coretec originals premium genova oak
Genova Oak
coretec originals premium reserve oak
Reserve Oak
coretec originals premium noble oak
Noble Oak
coretec originals premium keystone pine
Keystone Pine
coretec originals premium valor oak
Valor Oak
coretec originals premium bravado pine
Bravado Pine
coretec originals premium spirit oak
Spirit Oak
coretec originals premium HEMPSTEAD walnut
Hempstead Walnut
coretec originals premium ralston walnut
Ralston Walnut
coretec originals premium penmore walnut
Penmore Walnut
coretec originals premium grande aleta oak
Grande Aleta Oak
coretec originals premium grande willis oak
Grande Willis Oak
coretec originals premium grande goldin oak    Grande Goldin                    Oakcoretec originals premium grande petronas oak
Grande Petronas Oak
coretec originals premium grande ellidy oak
Grande Ellidy Oak
coretec originals premium grande makkah oak
Grande Makkah Oak
coretec originals premium grande lotte oak
Grande Lotte Oak
coretec originals premium grande empire oak
Grande Empire Oak
coretec originals premium grande marina oak
Grande Marina Oak
coretec originals premium grande vista oak
Grande Vista Oak
coretec originals premium blended umber
Blended Umber
coretec originals premium draco oak
Draco Oak
coretec originals premium laurent oak
Laurent Oak
coretec originals premium briar oak
Briar Oak
coretec originals premium wheat oak
Wheat Oak
coretec originals premium feather walnut
Feather Walnut
coretec originals premium tawny beech
Tawny Beach
coretec originals premium chromatic beech
Chromatic Beach
coretec originals premium delicate oak
Delicate Oak
coretec originals premium meditative oak
Meditative Oak
coretec originals premium pure oak
Pure Oak
coretec originals premium tranquil oak
Tranquil Oak
coretec originals premium balanced oak
Balanced Oak

COREtec Originals (Premium) Flooring Specifications

  • Brand: COREtec
  • Collection Name: COREtec Originals (Premium)
  • Core: Waterproof Foamed Core
  • Edge Profile: Enhanced Bevel
  • Underlayment:  Attached Underlayment
  • Installation Grade: Above, On, Below
  • Installation Method: Floating or Direct Glue
For more style specific specifications please call one of our knowledgeable sales representatives at 706-517-2229.



What Separates COREtec Pro From Other Waterproof Floors?


STAIN RESISTANCE We run the gamut of stain testing to ensure premium performance. Thanks to our 100% waterproof, kidproof, petproof guarantee and innovative finishes, everyday spills and messes are no match for COREtec floors – these styles stay looking new!




ENHANCED COMFORT Needing extra comfort or peace and quiet?
You’ve come to the right place. Our original WPC construction with added foaming agents offers a softer, warmer and quieter luxury vinyl floor perfect for busy, active homes.
Cork is our signature, attached underlayment that provides thermal insulation and helps dampen sounds. Learn more about our Soft Step underlayment offering additional warmth underfoot and reduced noise (featured on select COREtec Originals styles).


STUNNING AND NATURAL WOOD LOOKS A lot of behind-the-scenes technology goes into making the perfect floor. Through innovative design expertise, COREtec Originals styles bring you stunning and natural wood flooring looks featuring different species, colors, textures and bevel enhancements.



COREtec Original: Explaining the Benefits

coretec originals layers

The tough SPC construction offers durability and stain resistance in a beautiful wood plank visual.

  1. Wear Layer
    Maintenance Free: Protects against excessive wear and stains. Never needs sanding, sealing or refinishing.
  2. UV Acrylic Finish
    Durable: Provides superior stain resistance and cleanability.
  3. Luxury Vinyl Design Layer
    Looks: COREtec offers the widest selection of designs
    Textures: Edtailed embossing and beveling.
  4. COREtec Core Structure
    100% Waterproof: Won’t warp or buckle. Easy to Install: Angle tap system can be installed easily over existing floors. Tough: SPC core provides another level of hardcore toughness and durability.
  5. Pre-Attached Cork Underlayment
    Quiet & Warm: Natural cork underlayment blocks out chills and noise.



Is COREtec Original Flooring Easy to Install?

Click the below link to see how easy it is to install COREtec Original Flooring.



Whether you hire professionals or DIY, COREtec Originals offers easy installation that reduces in-home disruption and keeps messes to a minimum. Our floors don’t require acclimation or a post-installation waiting period, allowing you to install and live on your new floors in the same day.

Watch our flooring installation video for a step-by-step tutorial, and see our Installing COREtec Originals guide for detailed instructions that help ensure your flooring installation adheres to the Originals warranty.*

*Originals styles featuring our Soft Step underlayment require a different installation method.

How Easy to Clean are COREtec Floors?

COREtec Originals floors are easy to clean thanks to our 100% waterproof, kidproof, petproof performance guarantee that protects against everyday spills and accidents. For more detailed information on post-installation cleaning, preventative and routine maintenance or spot and spill removal, please refer to our care and maintenance guidelines.


coretec originals cleaning


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