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Kensington Engineered Hardwood

When designers set out to create a hardwood line with the perfect color palette, Kensington Engineered Hardwood is your result. Each color was created with its own unique multi-layer staining process until it was the perfect shade. We chose Kensington for our Unleashed line because its beautiful colors, impressively wide 8” planks and wire-brushed texture are the perfect transition between Unleashed carpets. The durable White Oak can take any and all pet or human traffic.

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  • Manufacturer: Anderson Tuftex
  • Style Name: Kensington
  • Species: White Oak
  • Plank Width: 8″
  • Plank Length: Random
  • Plank Thickness: 5/8″
  • Sq. Ft. Per: 22.45
  • Edge Profile: Bevel
  • Surface Texture: Distressed
  • Installation: Nail/Staple/Glue/Float
  • Installation Grade: Above/On/Below
  • Radiant Heat: Yes
  • Color Variation: Moderate
  • Made in the USA: Yes



kensington earl's court
Earl’s Court
kensington holland park
Holland Park
kensington pembridge
kensington queen's gate
Queen’s Gate
kensington st charles
St. Charles

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