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Skyline Carpet Tile by Kraus

Skyline Carpet Tile by Kraus

Skyline Carpet Tile by Kraus offers great flexibility in design, allowing you to create your own unique look. Easy to handle, the tiles can be installed in stages minimizing renovation downtime. Skyline carpet tiles carry a stain proof warranty and are easy to clean. They offer the additional advantage that each tile can be individually replaced if badly damaged, rather than replacing the entire floor.

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      • Brand: Kraus
      • Style: Skyline
      • Size: 39.4″ x 13.1″
      • Construction: Multi-level Loop
      • Fiber: 100% BCF Solution Dyed Nylon
      • Backing: EuroBac™
  • 15 tile per carton to cover 53.82 sq.ft./5.98 sq. yd.
  • Weight: 2.65 lbs.
  • Installation Method: Herringbone, Ashlar 
  • Pattern: Linear


Skyline Colors

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