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Anderson Tuftex Carpet by Shaw


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Anderson Tuftex Carpet by Shaw are designed with intention and crafted with care. They believe flooring should be timeless and the experience to purchase it should be simple. Anderson Tuftex prefers to craft products designed with the ideals of our customers in mind and then match them to their perfect home. They sell craftsmanship and timeless design principles. We sell simplicity and quality, purpose, refinement, and comfort. We know that your flooring is a decision you only want to make once. That’s why they work with trained artisans who love quality, durability, and detail as much as you do. You can trust them, their work and your instincts. They happily back all three. We want you to love your floor and life that happens on it every day.

anderson tuftex carpet by shaw scout oxford rs

Anderson Tuftex Carpet by Shaw is one of the most well-known carpet brands, and for good reason. The high-quality details and long-lasting attractiveness of this home carpeting are well-known. Rich patterns, unexpected creative patterns, and a dedication to gorgeous colors are all hallmarks of Anderson Tuftex carpet. You’ll appreciate the choice of this lovely carpeting, which is created and manufactured in the United States. Warehouse Carpets, your authorized Anderson-Tuftex distributor, offers a wide range of colors, tones, and patterns.


Anderson Tuftex Carpet by Shaw Styles

Abbey’s Road
anderson tuftex after hours
After Hours
anderson tuftex alante carpet
anderson tuftex applause carpet
anderson tuftex art district
Art District
anderson tuftex ascend
anderson tuftex bali
anderson tuftex beverly grove
Beverly Grove
anderson tuftex by chance
By Chance
anderson tuftex chapel ridge
Chapel Ridge
anderson tuftex chase
anderson tuftex chateau
anderson tuftex configuration
anderson tuftex cooper
anderson tuftex drift
anderson tuftex emotions
anderson tuftex esplanade
anderson tuftex europa
anderson tuftex fair isle
Fair Isle
anderson tuftex faux paw
Faux Paw
anderson tuftex finalist
anderson tuftex la sirena II
La Sirena II
anderson tuftex mar vista
Mar Vista
anderson tuftex mission square
Mission Square
anderson tuftex mosiac
anderson tuftex mystic charm
Mystic Charm
anderson tuftex new avenue
New Avenue
Divine Retreat
anderson tuftex on point
On Point
anderson tuftex only natural
Only Natural
anderson tuftex pacific ridge
Pacific Ridge
anderson tuftex pavilion
anderson tuftex pergamo
anderson tuftex point pleasant
Point Pleasant
anderson tuftex pounce
anderson tuftex rascal
anderson tuftex rhythmic
anderson tuftex scout main img
anderson tuftex shadow hills
Shadow Hills
anderson tuftex shadow
anderson tuftex showbiz
anderson tuftex solitaire
anderson tuftex springer's point
Springers Point
anderson tuftex subtle touch
Subtle Touch
anderson tuftex surf's up
Surf’s Up
anderson tuftex sweet and simple
Sweet and Simple
anderson tuftex tanzania
anderson tuftex tracery
anderson tuftex twist
anderson tuftex uptown gir ber_jwl
Uptown Girl Ber/Jwl
anderson tuftex via lido
Via Lido
anderson tufttex taza II
Taza II

About Anderson Tuftex

  • Is Anderson Tuftex owned by Shaw? Yes it is, Shaw Industries announced the strategic merger of Anderson Hardwood Floors and Tuftex Carpets of California, which will take effect January 2018. Both brands have a prestigious heritage in the flooring industry and are a natural fit to bring together into one premium brand: Anderson Tuftex.


  • Where is Anderson Tuftex carpet made? There is a manufacturing plant in Georgia and California.


  • How to clean Anderson Tuftex carpet? Like other fine furnishings, carpet requires proper care, and you should reference your residential warranty for specific care requirements. There are also a few simple steps you can take to insure the lasting beauty of your new carpet.
    • PREVENTION Keep the dirt/soil out. Use walk-off mats at entrances and other areas to keep outside dirt and moisture f rom being tracked onto the carpet. Clean mats frequently. Keep your sidewalks and entrances free of excessive dirt.
    • VACUUM FREQUENTLY The best way to reduce dirt accumulation and prolong the life of your carpet is to vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! Most dirt, even dust, is in the form of hard particles. When left in the carpet, these gritty, sharp particles abrade the pile as effectively as sandpaper. How frequently should you vacuum? That depends on the amount of foot traffic and household soil to which your carpet is exposed. More use means more frequent vacuuming. Anderson Tuftex recommends a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush or “brush/beater bar” to agitate the pile and mechanically loosen soil particles.
    • SPOTS & SPILLS Prompt attention to spots and spills is essential. Some spilled materials will stain or discolor carpet if not removed promptly. Other spills can leave a sticky residue that may result in increased soiling if not removed.
    • SPOT REMOVAL Anderson Tuftex Carpet Stain + Soil Remover is recommended for all types of spot cleaning and is available from your floor covering retailer or through Anderson Tuftex.


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