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Hagaman Carpet


Hagaman Carpet broadloom collections offer distinctive designer styling and luxurious constructions at remarkably affordable price points. We achieve this innovative combination of fashion and value, by employing Nourison’s completely vertical fiber processing, and company-owned manufacturing facilities, including the Hagaman plant located in Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia, USA. Our vertical manufacturing processes allow us to ensure quality craftsmanship from fiber dyeing to final product delivery. Hagaman offers fine style and craftsmanship in woolen carpet, at a price you can afford.


Please take a moment to review the quick 2-minute video about the styles below:


Hagaman Carpet Collection / Style Name

Hagaman Carpet Braiden feat img
Hagaman Carpet Classique Graphique feat img
Classique / Graphique
Classique Jardin feat img
Classique /
Cllassique Soiree feat img
Classique /
Elegance Abstract Chic feat img
Elegance / Abstract Chic
Elegance Arbor Vine feat img
Elegance / Arbor Vine
Elegance Floral Flair feat img
Elegance / Floral Flair
Elegance Modern Trellis feat img
Elegance / Modern Trellis
Elegance Plaid Chic feat img
Elegance / Plaid Chic
Elegance Velvet Chic feat img
Elegance / Velvet Chic
Elements Canyon feat img
Elements / Canyon
Elements Mesa feat img
Elements / Mesa
Elements Oasis feat img
Elements / Oasis
Elements Plateau feat img
Elements / Plateau
Elements Quadrant feat img
Elements / Quadrant
Expressions Metro 2 feat img
Expressions / Metro
Expressions Nexus 2 feat img
Expressions / Nexus
Finepoint London Underground feat img
Finepoint / London Underground
Finepoint Saville Row feat img
Finepoint / Saville
Kailash feat img
Lustrous Chevron feat img
Lustrous / Chevron
Lustrous Landscape feat img
Lustrous / Landscape
Lustrous Paragon feat img
Lustrous / Paragon
Lustrous Seascape feat img
Lustrous / Seascape
Luxury Cadence 2 feat img
Luxury / Cadence 2
Luxury Distinctive 2 feat img
Luxury / Distinctive 2
Morocco feat img
Natura Apex feat img
Natura / Apex
Natura Chasm feat img
Natura / Chasm
Simplicity Heathercord feat img
Simplicity / Heathercord
Simplicity Sisalcord feat img
Simplicity / Sisalcord
Stylepoint Lattice Works feat img
Stylepoint / Lattice Works
Stylepoint Mandarin feat img
Stylepoint / Mandarin
Stylepoint New Horizon feat img
Stylepoint / New Horizon

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