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COREtec Stone by US Floors


Warehouse Carpets offers COREtec Stone by US Floors at Wholesale Prices


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COREtec Stone by US Floors is a radically different approach to flooring because we took a radically different perspective. We didn’t try to emulate stone. We emulated the way you live. And that simply changed everything. An embossed thermo-resin layer provides stunning realism and the integrated grout lines match your floor perfectly, without making a mess. The protective layer on top ensures the surface doesn’t scratch, while the rigid mineral core and cork underlayment dampen footsteps. COREtec Stone is a tile that offers an unprecedented combination of design, simple installation, livability and durability. You can buy, install and walk upon your new floor in a single day. Stylish. Strong. Simplified. It lives like you.

Tile that lives like you. It’s slip, chip and crack-resistant with integrated grout lines for a clean, simple installation measured in hours, not days.

  • Designer curated collection of patterns and colors
  • Softer, warmer and quieter than traditional tile
  • Backed by a limited lifetime residential warranty

These extra durable, stylish floors are available in a wide range of wood and tile looks, colors, sizes and level of detail.

COREtec Stone by US Floors Layers

  1. Proprietary Coating

    Durable: Protects against stains and scuffs.

  2. Design Layer

    Looks: Built with integrated grout lines on a bevel and perfectly color coordinated.

  3. High Density Mineral Core

    100% waterproof: Won’t warp or buckle.

    Extra Rigid Support: Won’t warp or swell.

  4. Attached Cork Underlayment

    Quiet & Warm: Natural cork underlayment blocks out chills and noise.



COREtec Stone Collections

coretec stone amaya
COREtec Stone Amaya
coretec stone ambienta
COREtec Stone Ambienta
coretec stone angelina
COREtec Stone Angelina
coretec stone arubani
COREtec Stone Arubani
coretec stone ashani
COREtec Stone Ashani
coretec stone bella
COREtec Stone Bella
coretec stone egeria
COREtec Stone Egeria
coretec stone feronia
COREtec Stone 
coretec stone harmonia
COREtec Stone Harmonia
coretec stone iona
COREtec Stone Iona
coretec stone lorez
COREtec Stone Lorez
coretec stone lucetta
COREtec Stone Lucetta
coretec stone mari
COREtec Stone Mari
coretec stone murcia
COREtec Stone Murcia
coretec stone pellonia
COREtec Stone Pellonia
coretec stone russa
COREtec Stone Russa
coretec stone sermonia
COREtec Stone Semonia
coretec stone sIrius
COREtec Stone Sirius
coretec stone sonia
COREtec Stone Sonia
coretec stone valeria
COREtec Stone Valeria
coretec stone vesta
COREtec Stone 
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