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COREtec Advanced + by US Floors


Warehouse Carpets offers COREtec Advanced + by US Floors at Wholesale Prices


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COREtec Advanced + by US Floors combines natural artistry with innovative engineering to provide next-level protection against pets, kids, high-heels and everyday life. It is the first product in the market with a 15-year scratch warranty!

Ultra-realistic looks. Ultra-scratch protection. Get a floor you love and a floor that lasts, designed to stand up to whatever the day throws its way.

  1. ​Industry first 15-year scratch warranty
  2. Variety of trend-setting visuals
  3. Mixed lengths up to 86” long

COREtec Advanced + by US Floors Layers

  1. Proprietary Coating with Advanced Scratch Resistance – Durable: Protects against stains, scuffs and scratches
  2. Design Layer – Looks: A matte finish, textured grain and fine painted bevels prove that design is in the details
  3. High Density Mineral Core – 100% Waterproof: Won’t warp or buckle -Extra Rigid Support: Won’t warp or swell
  4. Balancing Layer – Provides extra stability
  5. Attached Cork Underlayment – Quiet & Warm: Natural cork underlayment blocks out chills and noise

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COREtec Advanced + Collections

coretec advanced + ansley walnut
COREtec Advanced + Ansley Walnut
coretec advanced + charter oak
COREtec Advanced + Charter Oak
coretec advanced + claverton pine
COREtec Advanced + Clavertone Pine
coretec advanced + garamond oak
COREtec Advanced + Garamond Oak
coretec advanced + hastings walnut
COREtec Advanced + Hastings Walnut
coretec advanced + heyward oak
COREtec Advanced + Heyward Oak
coretec advanced + ludlow oak
COREtec Advanced + Ludlow Oak
coretec advanced + morningside oak
COREtec Advanced + Morningside Oak
coretec advanced + norwood oak
COREtec Advanced + Norwood Oak
coretec advanced + pierpoint walnut
COREtec Advanced + Pierpoint Walnut
coretec advanced + prescott oak
COREtec Advanced + Prescott Oak
coretec advanced + privet pine
COREtec Advanced + Privet Pine
coretec advanced + pronto oak
COREtec Advanced + Pronto Oak
coretec advanced + savoy oak
COREtec Advanced + Savoy Oak
coretec advanced + skillman oak
COREtec Advanced + Skillman Oak
coretec advanced + somerset oak
COREtec Advanced + Somerset Oak
coretec advanced + suffolk oak
COREtec Advanced + Suffolk Oak
coretec advanced + telford pine
COREtec Advanced + Telford Pine
coretec advanced + waverly oak
COREtec Advanced + Waverly Oak
coretec advanced + wythe oak
COREtec Advanced + Wythe Oak
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