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USFloors – COREtec

COREtec® is a brand name assigned to a class of Luxury Vinyl floor tiles created by USFloors®, now patented and owned by Shaw Industries® as of Apr 27, 2019.

USFloors – COREtec Timeline:



USFloors – COREtec Versions

These are all the current versions of the COREtec idea. Each short description gives the most basic info to make it easy to understand.

COREtec Plus

COREtec 5″ + COREtec 7″ + COREtec Tile (the originals)

COREtec Plus was the original launched line in 2012. It still enjoys popularity and customer satisfaction. It comes in 5 & 7-inch planks and tiles.

COREtec Plus XL

The XL is a natural progression of the Plus product line. It was Launched in 2015. Larger lengths and widths arouse the success of smaller planks. The stability of the CORE was established and it opened up new design opportunities.

COREtec One

To address lower price point market opportunities COREtec® One was introduced to give consumers the opportunity to own COREtec® advantages with less cost. This comes in a 6-inch plank and does not have the Cork backing.

COREtec Plus DesignCOREtec® Plus Enhanced

The enhanced is a product line with realistic beveled edges found in the high-end floors, but because it does not include the fancy matching embossing, therefore, it is less expensive. The line is configured to appeal to designers and aesthetically pleasing value shoppers. It is a high-quality mid-tier product. This product line was introduced in late 2017 – early 2018.

COREtec Plus HD

The technology is a demonstration of mastery of the manufacturing process. The design intends the surface features of the floor to match perfectly to the underlying wood/tile floor images. This is a forward-looking approach to the USFloors business model. It is cutting-edge manufacturing that builds upon COREtec technology. The planks also don realistic beveled edges. This product line also has a higher price point that delivers a wow. This line has been shipping since 2017.

Up to this point, everything is made of wood-plastic cores. This product introduces the uncrushable stone plastic core for the heavy-duty traffic of the commercial market. Because the manufacturing is different is sees a low to a mid-tier price point. It is suitable for both Commercial and Residential. It was introduced in late 2017.

COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced

COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced + Pro Plus Enhanced HD + Pro Plus XL + Pro Plus XL Enhanced + Pro Plus XL Enhanced HD

If you take the stone plastic core product of the ProPlus series and enhance the photographic realism you get COREtec Pro-Plus. Again for both residential and commercial installations. This allows the designers to spec COREtec floors in commercial or home environments. This is a price point slightly less than the COREtec Plus. It gives options and keeps USFloors in the commercial game. This product was filled out in 2018.

Examples of USFloors – COREtec

usfloors coretec plus hd klondike contempo oak
COREtec Plus HD Klondike Contempo Oak
coretec plus tile cardinal stone
COREtec Plus Tile Cardinal Stone
8coretec one alpine ash
COREtec One Alpine Ash

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