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Hallmark Floors

Hallmark Floors World of Beautiful Flooring

Ever since their inception in 1998, Hallmark Floors continues to be driven by their love for wood and their passion for developing, producing and offering the most beautiful, smart and innovative flooring.

Handcrafted in small batches by professional hardwood craftsmen, their wood floor collections are developed and designed to enhance the beauty of all types of homes and interiors, from cozy and traditional to cool and contemporary living.

Their relentless work and developments of their flooring collections have made them one of the fastest-growing wood flooring companies on the market, and they are pleased and proud to offer you over 100 uniquely designed hardwood and waterproof floors.

hallmark floors

Hallmark Floors Corporate office is located in Ontario, CA. They have locations throughout the United States and other regions of the world as well. They entered the U.S. market with a simple philosophy: To build the best quality hardwood and luxury vinyl flooring product with style, color, and texture at a fair and reasonable price.

Even though they are newcomers, it is obvious that they are industry leaders in innovation and have a very strong and loyal customer base. At a time when many of their larger competitors have stagnated, they have invested heavily in the newest technology to produce floors of unsurpassed beauty and quality.

Hallmark Floors is now ranked 11th nationwide by flooring retailers among all flooring manufacturers. How did a small flooring manufacturer accomplish this?

It’s simple. Their core principle hasn’t changed since Hallmark was founded. Their #1 goal is to produce the best quality floors at a fair and reasonable price.

They genuinely care about every detail in producing their quality floors and their customers who purchase them.


Simply Beautiful
Simply Innovative
Simply Hallmark



Hallmark Floors Story

The mission at Hallmark Floors is to make beautiful, quality products with genuine support—one floor, one customer at a time.

Who they are

Hallmark Floors have a passion to design and create the best quality product possible for their customers at a fair value. Their focus is always on producing quality products and meeting their customer’s needs, everything else comes later.

It takes a team of exceptional people, working together to create and design quality floors. Their success is a reflection of their relationships with their partners, team members and the excellent customer service they strive to provide on a daily basis.

“The people at Hallmark Floors genuinely care about you.”


Their Culture

The people behind Hallmark Floors are why Hallmark is different. They hire people who are smart, determined and kind. They favor heart and ability over experience and genuinely care about the people who buy, make and sell their products. They care about providing great customer service to their partners and end-users. This is simply what drives their passion—they genuinely care.


What they believe

What they know to be true. A company is only as good as the quality of the product they create and the relationships they build with their customers.


Focus on the customer and all else will follow.

Hallmark Floors have been focused on making the best quality product and providing excellent customer support since the beginning. Whether they are designing a new wood or luxury vinyl floor, they take great care to ensure that they will be right for their customers and their lifestyles. They are health-conscious and safety is always a priority.


It’s best to do one thing really, really well.

They are constantly seeking better ways to make their floors. Staying ahead of trends and designing fashionable, quality floors takes a lot of effort and research. They know what they do well and strive to find ways to do it better. Through retrospective analysis of their products and company, they have been able to bridge technological gaps and provide continuous improvements to their products and customer service. They are passionate about combining design and quality to create the kind of flooring worthy to be in your home or office.


Quality is better than quantity.

Providing quality products requires Hallmark Floors to search for better ways to serve you and improve their products. They need to adapt quickly to trends and be innovative when it comes to the technology and materials involved in producing quality Hallmark products.

Designed by Architect Michelle Anaya. Wood floors are Ventura. Matte NuOil Finish

You can make money without doing evil.

Hallmark Floors is a business. The revenue they generate is derived from offering products to companies and to homeowners.


They don’t allow Internet sales of their floors.

Why? At Hallmark Floors, they strive to achieve total customer satisfaction. They believe their manufacturing techniques and quality are the best in the business. An important component of quality is the service your local distributor and authorized dealer add to the product. Flooring is a big investment, which they believe is best protected and serviced through its authorized displaying dealer network. There is so much to consider when purchasing floors, that it is best to consult a professional technician, who is familiar with Hallmark products, and your local requirements and environment. The removal of legitimate service costs results in a tremendous risk to the purchasing public.


We won’t comprise on quality.

How? They design and manufacture products that will meet and surpass industry standards. In order to accomplish this goal, they start by purchasing the best materials available. Hallmark Floors engineered hardwood flooring, uses premium PEFC Certified French and USFS Certified North American Species. In addition, they demand a higher standard for their factories to follow and as a result, they surpass CARB II requirements for their engineered wood floors.

Why? Hallmark Floors will not compromise their integrity by producing an inferior product. They will not cut corners to make a dollar at the expense of their customers. They produce the best quality product for their partners, the end-users, and homeowners because they genuinely care about the people who buy their products.


They believe in giving back to those that are not as well off as others.

How? Shepherd’s Field is one example. All of Hallmark Floors’ profits from their molding/transition program support the orphanage for special needs children at Shepherd’s Field – Children’s Village, Langfang, China.


The need for more dealers grows.

Although their company was founded in California, their mission is to provide quality products across the United States. Their partners, distributors, and dealers work with them to provide end-users with their products and incredible support.

You can be innovative and have fun, and still provide good service.

The founders of Hallmark Floors built the company around the concept that work should be challenging and fun. They believe good design doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Creative innovation and ideas are more likely to happen with the right company culture and open communication with customers.

They take customer suggestions very seriously and always welcome feedback. They are inspired by their customers and responsive to their needs. As a result, they continue to learn from their customers and strive to meet their needs through the innovation of their products and service.

Design by Studio McGee. Wood floors are Alta Vista. Matte NuOil Finish.

Good isn’t great enough and great isn’t good enough.

Striving for excellence is a never-ending journey. It starts by asking the right questions and seeking answers in order to learn and grow. Coach John Wooden said, “It’s what you learn after you know everything that counts.” They love to learn and explore all possibilities to innovate. In order to keep their focus, they set challenging goals to help them improve themselves, their products and better serve their customers.

Designing a better product is their job, not yours. Through innovation and iteration, they are driven to take things that work well and make them better for you, their customers.


What we do.

Hallmark Floors manufacture fashionable, quality floors to fit their customer’s lifestyles.

Hallmark Floors Reviews

I am absolutely in love with my floors!!!! I have a Rottweiler and a Pomeranian who both shed like crazy! My house was starting to smell due to all of the dog hair trapped in the carpet! I am a very clean person so this was a major problem for me! We recently switched to the castle and cottage luxury vinyl and we are IN LOVE!!! My house is so much cleaner and it looks so much nicer! I love the texture of the floor and how clean it is!!!!”
– Kallie C. | St. George, UT from Google.com | 5-1-2018 | This homeowner installed our Luxury Vinyl Plank, Castle & Cottage collection throughout her home.

We like them very much and have received many questions and favorable comments from visitors on the floors. Of all the things about our new house, visitors immediately comments on the floors and ask about them. Of course we give them the details and recommend them.
– Jeffrey S. | Pittsford, NY from Houzz.com | 12-08-2017 | This homeowner purchased a home with installed Ventura Mangrove Hallmark Floors.

“So pleased with this luxury plank laminate flooring. This is the Courtier collection in Vidame color. It goes great with our coastal themed kitchen and living room remodel. Great affordable option rather than hard wood or tile planks that look like wood. Very comfortable walking barefoot unlike tile which causes your feet to hurt after a while. ”
– Shannon B. | Jacksonville, FL from Houzz.com | 11-27-2017 | Customer installed Hallmark Floors Courtier Premium Vinyl: Vidame Hickory.



Hallmark Floors
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Hallmark Floors
Ever since their inception in 1998, Hallmark Floors continues to be driven by their love for wood and their passion for developing, producing and offering the most beautiful, smart and innovative flooring.
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