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Glow in the Dark Carpet by Flagship


Flagship Glow in the Dark with Black Light Carpet

Carpet that glows in the dark is a must-have for commercial & home theater and arcades, bowling alleys, skating rinks, and entertainment venues like night clubs and lounges. Black Light Carpet is designed specifically for its striking, high impact design.

All of the black light carpets offer standard specification, easy maintenance and great durability for medium to heavy traffic areas. Glow in the dark carpet by Flagship Carpets is constructed with specialized yarns that glow when exposed to black lights. All of the styles are bleach resistant, moisture resistant and stain resistant!

(You can change the colors of all of the following styles. Please visit Flagship Carpets for a visualization. Also, know that any of the following can be installed wall to wall or cut into a custom size for an area rug.)

glow in the dark carpeting


a1369 500
Fun Center & Arcade Theme
bowling flames II
Bowling Theme
disco skate
Skating Theme
ice blocks
Lounges & Club Theme


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