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DIY Woodworking

Posted on by Kendra Hughes

The following paragraph is from a blog post titled, “What are the most common types of wood for woodworking at home?” by ElectroSawHQ. This blog contains some interesting facts & helpful tips on the different species of wood & DIY woodworking. Not knowing the specific properties and characteristics of particular species of wood can result … Continue reading

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Different Ways to Install Carpet Tile

Posted on by Kendra Hughes

One of the principal advantages of carpet tile is the flexibility they offer. Not only are carpet tiles offered in a much wider range of patterns, colors, and designs compared to wall to wall carpeting; they can be installed in a range of different patterns and layouts, to change it up a little to even … Continue reading

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Carpet Tile Wear Rating

Posted on by Kendra Hughes

Would you not like to know if the commercial carpet, including carpet tiles you are planning on purchasing, will perform and last for as long as you need it to? Sure, you do that can be a major investment. TARR There are several carpet manufacturers that offer an objective durability rating called TARR, Texture Appearance Retention Rating.  TARR … Continue reading

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