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Tuftex Carpet
Casual Magic Berber

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  • Style: Z6922

  • Fiber: Nylon

  • Face Weight: 53.60 oz/sq. yd.

  • Backing: Softbac Platinum


bermuda sand 0124B

  • Color Name: Bermuda Sand
  • Color Number: 0124B
birchwood 0122B

  • Color Name: Birchwood
  • Color Number: 0122B
chaparral 0117B

  • Color Name: Chaparral
  • Color Number: 0117B
cookie dough 0113B

  • Color Name: Cookie Dough
  • Color Number: 0113B
spice cake 0127B

  • Color Name: Spice Cake
  • Color Number: 0127B
Stonish 0123B

  • Color Name: Stonish
  • Color Number: 0123B
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