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Dalton Georgia - Established 1977

Royalty Carpets
Wild West


  • Warranties: Lifetime


  • Face Weight: 36

  • Fiber Content: Nylon
  • Pattern Repeat: None


R01350001 cadillac ranch

  • Color Name: Cadillac Ranch
  • Color Number: R01350001
R01350002 chain of rocks

  • Color Name: Chain of Rocks
  • Color Number: R01350002
R01350003 pasadena

  • Color Name: Pasadena
  • Color Number: R01350003
R01350004 cool springs

  • Color Name: Cool Springs
  • Color Number: R01350004
R01350005 hydro

  • Color Name: Hydro
  • Color Number: R01350005
R01350006 america's highway

  • Color Name: Americas Highway
  • Color Number: R01350006
R01350007 mother road

  • Color Name: Mother Road
  • Color Number: R01350007
R01350008 upland

  • Color Name: Upland
  • Color Number: R01350008
R01350009 barstow

  • Color Name: Barstow
  • Color Number: R01350009
R01350010 winslow

  • Color Name: Winslow
  • Color Number: R01350010
R01350011 blue swallow

  • Color Name: Blue Swallow
  • Color Number: R01350011
R01350012 los angeles

  • Color Name: Los Angeles
  • Color Number: R01350012
R01350013 upton

  • Color Name: Uptown
  • Color Number: R01350013
R01350014 route post

  • Color Name: Route Post
  • Color Number: R01350014
R01350015 santa rosa

  • Color Name: Santa Rosa
  • Color Number: R01350015
R01350016 topock

  • Color Name: Topock
  • Color Number: R01350016
R01350017 baxter springs

  • Color Name: Baxter Springs
  • Color Number: R01350017
R01350018 oklahoma city

  • Color Name: Oklahoma City
  • Color Number: R01350018
R01350019 rainbow bridge

  • Color Name: Rainbow Bridge
  • Color Number: R01350019
R01350020 amarillo

  • Color Name: Amarillo
  • Color Number: R01350020
R01350021 tulsa

  • Color Name: Tulsa
  • Color Number: R01350021
R01350022 needles

  • Color Name: Needles
  • Color Number: R01350022
R01350030 bloomington

  • Color Name: Bloomington
  • Color Number: R01350030
R01350023 davenport

  • Color Name: Davenport
  • Color Number: R01350023
R01350024 midpoint sign

  • Color Name: Midpoint Sign
  • Color Number: R01350024
R01350025 texola

  • Color Name: Texola
  • Color Number: R01350025
R01350026 dust bowl

  • Color Name: Dust Bowl
  • Color Number: R01350026
R01350027 seligman

  • Color Name: Seligman
  • Color Number: R01350027
R01350028 vinita

  • Color Name: Vinita
  • Color Number: R01350028
R01350029 quapaw

  • Color Name: Quapaw
  • Color Number: R01350029
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