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Carpet Information

Carpet is a classic favorite that is not only comfortable and durable but is highly fashionable. Carpet is a very versatile product and comes in many different styles, cuts, and colors that will make your design possibilities endless! Carpet has always had an important place in every home. It adds instant warmth and it invites you to kick off your shoes and enjoy the nice soft feeling underfoot.

Carpet comes in a wide variety of types, fibers, and styles. When purchasing carpet it is important to consider how long it is expected to last, the amount of traffic you expect, and how stain resistant the carpet should be. Carpet is now more advanced than ever with some types of carpet offering built in stain protection and topical treatments. Wine, mustard, and Kool-Aid are now less likely to cause an embarrassing stain on your new floor.

Did you know that carpet helps saves energy? It is true! Carpet helps insulate your home up to 17 times better than other flooring options! Not only does carpet help insulate your home it can help with allergies too. Carpeted rooms have lower levels of dust born allergens. Read more helpful hints and tips at The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI).

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Important carpet information:

Types of Carpet

Patterns – Textured carpet that incorporates different designs within the carpet.

Textured Plush – The most common type of carpet that is known for a nice soft feeling

Plush – Extremely soft carpeting that tends to be very thick and is very comfortable

Berber – Loop style carpet and normally low to the floor

Frieze – A shag type carpet made of twisted fiber to give a “spring” like feeling

Carpet Fibers

Nylon – Is known for durability and excellent wear in heavy traffic spots

Olefin – A very strong fiber that can withstand wet conditions

Polyester – A well rounded fiber that offers a mix of durability qualities and great price points

Triexta – The most advanced technology introduced to carpeting in 20 years. This is a very soft fiber and is extremely durable and stain resistant.

Benefits of Carpet

Warmth and Comfort


Softens Falls

Reduces Noise

Wears Well

Reduces Allergies

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