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Dalton Georgia - Established 1977

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Warehouse Carpets sells all of the most trusted and well known brands of floor covering, carpet, rugs, hardwood and vinyl flooring. Our product line is vast and impressive. We offer all types of flooring at discount direct prices. It is important to us that we offer well known brands that you can trust. No matter what the floor covering product is, we can get it for you at the best possible price.

Our knowledgeable staff have been in the flooring industry for many years. We have the knowledge and expertise to get you the right product at the best price. Since we are located in Dalton, Georgia, we have strong ties to all the manufacturers list on this page. Our knowledge about everything flooring is second to none! We can offer free quotes on all floor covering products. We pride ourselves with the ability to answer questions and offer solutions that most competitors and “big box stores” cannot.

Dixie Home Residental Carpet | Dixie Home PetProtect Carpet

Founded in early 2003. Since that time, Dixie Home has experienced rapid growth and enthusiastic market acceptance for their stylishly designed tufted broadloom carpets that fall within more moderately priced segments of the high-style residential market. Dixie Home’s quality and style, combined with attractive pricing, consistently exceed expectations. By using premium branded yarns, Dixie Home offers customers above average styling and performance, while taking advantage of the powerful pull-through leverage of the name brand yarn. Unlike giant manufacturers, Dixie Home’s manufacturing scale gives them the necessary flexibility to respond quickly to new trends, keeping the latest patterns and colors within reach of a wide spectrum of soft floor covering consumers. Design strategy at Dixie focuses on fresh, easy-care designs that meet the needs of active lifestyles, and create an ambience of simple, casual elegance. Their combination of construction, color and styling has consistently earned the company praise for quality and design in national retail surveys. Dixie Home is well-represented in the independent retail, builder, and distributor markets. For retailers, Dixie Home represents a stylish, well-placed and welcome addition to their marketing mix, as well as an alternate supply source. Dixie Home’s selective distribution channels offer increased exclusivity for their products.

Aladdin – The value Aladdin offers is much more than just financial. It doesn’t come with a genie in a bottle, but it will definitely transform your space. Aladdin’s beautiful product collection covers a multitude of carpet needs. For those who want dependability, versatility and practicality from a brand whose reputation promises long-lasting comfort and trustworthiness—Aladdin is for you.


Sutton Carpets – Sutton has established itself as the industry’s recognized quality and style leader in Berber and patterned loop carpets.

Dal-Tile – a subsidiary of Mohawk Industries, manufactures, distributes and markets high-quality ceramic tile and natural stone products. Dal-Tile is the largest ceramic tile manufacturer in the U.S. and one of the largest tile manufacturers in the world.

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Alloc – Everything you want, all you need. You want fashionable flooring that expresses your style. You need long-lasting flooring that’s easy to install and maintain. Alloc’s got what you’re looking for. Beauty and durability, styleand strength – Alloc is in step with your busy family – join us.

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Wood Flooring International – Wood flooring. Could there be a more perfect canvas for self expression? We think not. That’s why it’s our passion to travel to the far reaches of the globe to find you the finest exotic woods.

Virginia Vintage – When we first began developing Virginia Vintage Flooring, we were inspired by these kinds of objects in our homes and in the homes of others. We started by thinking about the one element that these objects all seem to have in common. They’ve been crafted and cared for, but their history is visible, textural and tangible. They have imperfections caused by use or age or by the hands of the person who crafted them.

Choosing Roppe means that you are choosing to work with a product partner that is Proven. Roppe is celebrating over 50 years as a leading manufacturer in the commercial flooring industry.

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Quick-Step – We believe that dreaming is as important as doing. That’s why the laminate floors we make are very special. While we are pioneers in the way today’s laminate floors are made, it’s not just about quality manufacturing and innovative details. It’s about what our floors can do.Our laminate wood floors and laminate tile floors open new doors to creativity. They help you express your personality and bring dreams to life. They set the mood and allow you to create spaces that truly make you feel at home.

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Mullican Flooring – Few hardwood floor manufacturers have been able to satisfy consumer market demands for style and quality while also adhering to strict environmental guidelines but Mullican Flooring has managed to hit the mark. Originally known for unfinished solid flooring cultivated from Appalachian forests, Mullican has since grown into an international competitor with a broad range of prefinished, engineered and exotic products cultivated from around the globe.

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Mirage Floors is the worlds finest hardwood floors! Mirage offers a tremendous product line in hardwood flooring. The color and quality of this product is unmatched in the industry. Mirage also offers all of the trims and moldings to match the products they offer.

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Healthier Choice premium carpet cushion & acoustic solutions. Established as a company in 1972 and with the successful introduction of frothed polyurethane foam cushions firmly established Healthier Choice as the industry’s premier provider of premium underlayments. Since then, we’ve expanded our product line to include underlayments for a variety of flooring applications including carpet, laminate, engineered wood and hardwood. Our continued commitment to innovative design has led us to develop underlayments that now do more than just give unrivaled comfort and lasting durability under foot, they improve indoor air quality and create safe, clean environments for healthy living.

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Harris Wood has been in business since 1898 and has saw first hand the decline and boom of business throughout the years. Harris Wood Floors knows what it takes to survive and that is quality. In fact, many of the original wood floors in upscale apartments still exist from the early 1900′s. The classic look can be found in a variety of species offered in the Harris product line  American Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Rustic Pecan, and Walnut.

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Cikel is 100% Brazilian wood flooring. Cikel is an exotic wood manufacturer but the unique feature is that they also realize the importance of the biodiversity of their natural forests. Cikel handles approximately 1.2 million acres of Amazonian forests in Northern Brazil and they are responsible for multiple conservation efforts.

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Bruce keeps it simple and nearly perfect when it comes to wood floors. Whether you are looking for Hardwood or laminate you can find what you are looking for. Bruce offers wonderful hard surface flooring that can fit your home. With over 500 styles of hardwood and 50 styles of laminate we are sure that you can find what you need with Bruce flooring.

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Armstrong offers the complete hard surface flooring solution with hardwood, laminate, sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, luxury vinyl, and linoleum. Armstrong is a leader in quality flooring and has years of experience to prove it. The beautiful product line offers design and durability to those looking for a hard surface product.

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Anderson – A leader in producing quality hardwood floors since 1946. Anderson was also the first to introduce several features to hardwood floors that has become a standard in todays floors. 5 ply engineered wood, urethane finish, and no wax maintenance are just a few benefits of hardwood flooring that Anderson helped create.

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Bliss Residental Carpet | Hollytex Carpet Tile | Hollytex LVT | Bolyu Mineral/Textile LVT | Bolyu Weathered LVT | Bolyu Natural Wood LVT

Innovative features, product specialization, dedicated associates, community involvement and recognized leadership in carpeting are just a few of thier success stories. Beaulieu® of America is an American company that takes tremendous pride in its people and products that serve the needs of homeowners, property managers, store and office owners, and homebuilders in unique, even personal ways. Often, thier success stories involve exclusive, innovative product features that provide real benefits and enhance people’s lives. They have improved indoor environments with their Magic Fresh® odor reducing carpet treatment and their Silver Release® antimicrobial carpet treatment. Theyu have developed eco-friendly products like OmniLocTM Modular eco-friendly backing and Green Smart® fiber. These products conserve resources by using recycled materials and further establish their leadership in carpeting. As the world’s largest specialist in carpet, they understand that “one size does not fit all.” When it comes to meeting the varied needs of their many customers, they use the structure of their company to assure dedicated customer focus. For example, some of their success stories focus on how they established the Bliss® brand to address the special needs of homeowners. For the small businesses sector they created the Hollytex® brand. Apartment owners and managers are familiar with their Beaulieu® Multi-Family Flooring Solutions program, and new homebuilders know them through their partnership with Armstrong® Flooring FashionSmart™. All of this means they provide specialized products and services for each customer base, and that’s what they do everyday. Of course, none of that would be possible without the dedication of their 4,500-plus associates and retailers who provide the real leadership in carpeting. Without their hard work and commitment, their accolades (from styling and design awards to industry association recognitions) would be few and far-between. Of all their success stories, the one in which they take the greatest joy center around their associate-initiated community service projects and programs. Community outreach is an important part of their belief in being good corporate citizens. These programs are not only a way they strive for leadership, but also a means to reinvest in the cities and towns they call home. they hope that the more you know Beaulieu, the better you’ll feel about the products they make and the products you live with every day. They invite you peruse this website for more examples of their success stories.

Shaw Residental Carpet|Tuftex Trusoft Carpet|Shaw LVT|Shaw Solid Hardwood|Shaw Engineered Hardwood|Tuftex Residental Carpet|Shaw Laminate|Shaw Turf/Grass|Shaw Outdoor Carpet

Shaw got its start in 1946 as Star Dye Company, a small Business that dyed tufted scatter rugs. The philosophy guiding the events meeting customers, determine theier needs, and supplying those needs hasn’t changed much through the years. In 1958, with $300,000 in sales, the company expanded dramatically and soon started finishing carpet as Star Finishing Company. In 1967, a holding company was formed to acquire Philadelphia Carpet Company, founded in 1846. The holding company added Star Finishing to the fold one year later, marking the company’s first move into carpet manufacturing. The holding company went public as Shaw Industries, Inc. in 1971 with approximately $43 million in sales and 900 employees. In 1985, Shaw made its first appearance on the list of America’s largest corporations–the Fortune 500–with more than $500 million in sales and close to 5,000 employees. They been crafting beautiful floors since 1967, and Shaw’s respected leadership in the flooring industry has been earned through decades of exceptional quality, innovation, and service. In fact, retailers who sell our flooring have consistently named Shaw as the number one manufacturer in terms of quality, service, and design. Shaw take a wholistic approach to our process of creating flooring. From design to product development, They believe in making our products incredible for the consumer, the retailer and the earth. Our products undergo rigorous testing to achieve certifications from organizations like Cradle to Cradle to meet sustainability-minded goals of our organization. In 2014, Shaw were ranked #1 across the board by retailers for 3 out of 5 categories (Hardwood, Carpet and Laminate). Voted number ONE Carpet, Hardwood, and Laminate by Floor Covering Weekly’s ReCo Market Intelligence Report. Voted number ONE QUALITY, STYLE, DESIGN & SERVICE by Floor Covering Weekly’s ReCo Market Intelligence Report & Floor Focus Annual Retail Survey—Design & Service. Sole Recipient of the PINNACLE ENVIRONMENTAL LEADER OF THE YEAR AWARD by Floor Covering News Annual Awards of Excellence. Voted BEST OVERALL MANUFACTURER by Floor Covering Weekly’s Annual Environmental Leadership Awards

Mohawk Residental Carpet|Mohawk Engineered Hardwood|Mohawk Solid Hardwood|Mohawk LVT

Ever since Mohawk has rolled out their first carpets in 1878, They have built quality into every flooring product they make. They continue that tradition today with revolutionary product innovation, award-winning design, and a talented team dedicated to outstanding service. Mohawk is proud to assemble 100% of our carpet products in the United States—and proud to lead the industry as a trusted brand in flooring. They take this leadership role seriously: They invests heavily in environmentally responsible practices, from developing renewably sourced products to keeping our facilities and delivery systems streamlined and efficient. They are dedicated to running our business in the best way they can, and to making a positive impact in our communities. It’s all part of our mission to create innovative products that make life better… and to bring you the best floor possible. At Mohawk, They lead the pack when it comes to eco-friendly flooring. They offer hundreds of beautiful, top-quality products made with recycled and renewable resources, from carpet and carpet cushion to hardwood, laminate, and tile, but it’s not just what theymake. It’s how they make it. Our approach to sustainability covers every point of a product’s life cycle, from raw materials, manufacturing, and distribution to installation methods and end-of-life recycling. So you know your Mohawk flooring is an excellent choice for you… and for the planet.

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