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10 Ideas for Leftover Flooring


Yesterday I overheard a customer ask one of our sales representatives if they have any leftover flooring, could they return it. The sales rep went on to tell the customer that not all manufacturers are the same but the flooring they purchased has a minimum return of 10 boxes. Remember it is always good to have some leftover for those unforeseen circumstances. But, I got to thinking about what could you do with leftover flooring and I came up with a couple of things but not many. So, I started looking online and found 10 Ideas for Leftover Flooring, some easy than others but all are doable.

1. Coasters – very cute and super easy to make.



2.  Full-Length Mirror Framed with Vinyl Planks -what a great way to bring the floor coloring up on the walls.



3.  Coat Rack – another great way to bring the floor coloring up on the wall and super simple.



4. DIY Holiday Porch or Yard Sign – I could really see this being very cute.

DIY Halloween Yard Sign

(Perfect front entrance welcome sign for July.)



5. Indoor/Outdoor Hanging Sign – endless possibilities with this.


(These would be great for a farmhouse/rustic theme.)

sign 1


6. Bar Stool Area Plank Wall – a great idea to protect the wall from shoe marks.



7. Craft Desk – or this could be used for a homework station, laundry folding station, or even a countertop workspace with storage cabinets underneath in an outside building. 



8. Christmas Tree – this is an easy DIY Christmas decor for indoor or outdoor.

cmas tree


9. House # Sign – this is a clever idea and looks good.



10. Serving Tray – this would be perfect for movie nights.

SERVING TRAY made from leftover flooring

These are just a few of the better ideas I found online to inspire you to recycle your leftover flooring. Let us know what you did with your leftover flooring.


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